Sometimes, it's the little things...

It's natural to wonder about the differences between realities, and to assume that the differences are big ones. Some of them are, and I'll write about those in a seperate entry - World War Two is particularly interesting, as is a near miss my reality had with World War Three that seems to have passed your reality by.

The little differences can also be of significant interest when gauging differences between realities, and an excellent example of this is the entertainment industry. For example, take the band Genesis; in my reality Peter Gabriel never left the band in the 1970s, he stayed right through until 1992, after which the band broke up. Phil Collins still had his solo career and did sing lead on a few Genesis songs in the 80s but he never took over as main frontman. I mention this as "Invisible Touch" is a very different song with Gabriels vocals.

I was also interested to see the Star Wars Universe is huge here. In my reality it never went past the original trilogy.

I think the one that shows best how a little difference can have a huge impact however is the television show Doctor Who, which in my reality was never cancelled in the early 90s, and where we are now up to our 18th doctor, which I think as of the time of writing this puts us about 4 doctors ahead of your reality. Our current Doctor is Tom Burke, who is very reminiscent of a mix of Patrick Troughton and Matt Smith, while Marc Warren is currently the Master and pretty much chews up every scene he is in.

The curious thing though is that the actors who have played the Doctor here are the same in my reality, albeit in a slightly different order, and with a few additional actors here and there given it was never taken off air. We had something of a first as well in that Adrian Lester was not only the first black actor to play the Doctor, he also played the Master at the same time. That will deserve a post all of its own I think.

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