The UK and the EU

Finding out all about the UK's on/off relationship with the EU was one of the first things I found truly fascinating when I first arrived in your reality probably as I am English myself. When I heard all about the EEC becoming the EU, and the UK subsequently voting to leave, I think it was the first real eye-opener I had to confirm I had indeed crossed realities.

The EU does not exist in my reality, at least not as a political union. They tried, but - and this is where I think our realities diverged on this topic - when the powers that be proposed changing from an economic union to a political union each member state held a referendum so the people could decide. The people decided they did not want a political union, they just wanted to remain as a trading bloc, so the EEC as I know it stayed as it was. Pretty much every member state voted no to a political union.

Naturally things have changed as the decades have gone by, and its just the EC now - the European Community - and the trading bloc is stronger than ever, but there have never been any further attempts to form a political union, nor is there a single currency (that would definitely never have happened in my reality!).

And what of my UK? Its still a member of the EC and support for it is strong among the electorate. Politics is based on a "less is more" approach where I come from, we believe in as few levels of bureaucracy as possible, which works well for us.

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